Narrative Story (Fable) : The Big Family in the Little House

The following is a Narrative Story (Fable) entitled The Big Family in the Little House. Have fun reading!

Vladimir does not know what to do. He has a big family. And he lives in a little house. He is not very happy.

One day he goes to town. He talks to a wise woman. "Please help me," he says. "My wife and I have six children. We live in a very little house. Eight people in a few rooms! “We cannot live this way!"

The wise woman listens. She closes her eyes for a minute. Then she asks, "How many animals do you have?"
"We have eight animals. We have a horse, a cow, two pigs, and four chickens," says Vladimir.
"Good. Go home now," says the wise woman. "Take all your animals into the house with you."

"Our animals!" says Vladimir. He goes home and does what the wise woman tells him. The next week, he goes back to the wise woman. "This is very bad!" he says. "The animals eat our food. They fill all the rooms. They sleep in our beds."

The wise woman closes her eyes again. Then she tells Vladimir, "Now go home. Take the animals out of the house."

Vladimir goes home. He takes the animals out of the house. The next day, he goes back to the wise woman. This time he is happy.

"Thank you, thank you," he says. "It's very different without the animals. Now we can eat. Now we can sleep. Now we like our house. Thank you for your help. You are a very wise woman!"

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